Red Deer Denture Expert – Brett Barros, DD

What makes Complex Dentures different from Standard Dentures? Dentures are made with a wide variety of composite materials. The different types of teeth used to make dentures each provide varying shades, levels of luster, transparency and hardness. The teeth used in the fabrication of Standard dentures are made from a limited selection of teeth, molds, materials and shades. These teeth tend to wear down faster and need to be replaced more often than the ones used to make Complex Dentures. Even though Standard dentures are made to fit comfortably and function acceptably they are made using physiological averages with a limited number of adjustments being made during fabrication.

The fabrication of Complex Dentures requires taking a wider range of accurate measurements of your oral anatomy. These additional measurements are taken with advanced instruments using computer software which enables our denturist to take and record minute measurements of your teeth placement and natural movement of your jaws. At the Denture and Implant Centre we use the Arcus Digma 11 for the precise measurements we use to make your Complex Dentures.

These refined measurements enable our denturist to custom design and fabricate dentures with better teeth placement and more natural movement. Patients with Complex Dentures report that they experience less slipping and better balance while chewing. Your natural jaw line and overall appearance is also taken into consideration in the fabrication of Complex Dentures. Complex Dentures can also be made with more natural looking teeth which suit your particular appearance. At the Denture and Implant Centre our new Patient Financing Program has now made Complex Dentures more affordable than ever. Call us for your free consultation; we look forward to serving you! Tel. 403-343-7266.