Red Deer Granite and Quartz Expert – Dale Moench

There’s a timeless beauty found in granite countertops; each slab is a work of art created by Mother Nature herself.   Granite is one of the most durable countertop materials on the market boasting both heat & scratch resistance.  Slabs range from exotic swirls & graining, to small tight-knit granular patterns.  We strongly suggest that our clients view the full slabs before making their final selection; this can help to avoid situations where the actual product may vary from the samples.  Contrary to what you may have heard, granite is low maintenance & easy to live with. Most people think of granite as having more maintenance and up-keep than quartz, but with new technology in resin coating, 80% of granites don’t need to be sealed at all! If you aren’t sure whether you need to seal your granite, you can perform a simple test – simply pour some water on your most used countertop area. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then dry the area. If there is a watermark left behind, your granite will need to be resealed, if not you’re good to go.  Granite is a sure-fire way to add instant luxury to your home, come by our showroom & explore your options!