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Orangetheory Fitness is a 1-hour full body workout, focusing on individuals achieving optimal heart-rate levels to attain an extra calorie burn for the next 36 hours. We integrate three main components – Strength, Endurance, and Power. The Orangetheory Fitness workout provides a 5-zone heart-rate based interval training in a personalized group environment.

Orangetheory Fitness has grown to be known as “the best one- hour workout in the country” by The New York Times, The Today Show, Shape Magazine, and Men’s Journal.

Heart Rate Based Interval Training

Orangetheory Fitness uses heart-rate monitors to coach each individual into specified zones throughout the workout. By doing so, we kick-start your metabolism and enhance your energy levels, thus creating the afterburn. Orangetheory members can burn anywhere between 500-1000 calories during one 60-minute class.

Orangetheory Fitness focuses on 3 of the 5 heart-rate zones. These zones are determined based on your individual max heart-rate. Our first focus is the “Green Zone”, also labeled the “Endurance Zone”. The majority of your workout is spent in this zone. Our next and main focus is the “Orange Zone”. Ideally, you’ll want to spend at least 12 minutes of the class in this zone. By doing so, we boost your metabolism for up to 36-hours causing you to continue burning calories post workout. This is called the “Afterburn”!

Coach Support

Throughout every 60- minute class, you will get the privilege of having a Certified Personal Trainer present to ensure there is no over or under training. Coaches assist with demonstrations, modifications, & challenges at every turn. They also motivate and guide you making sure to maximize your experience and optimize results!

What Do You Burn for?

Fat loss, proliferation in endurance, and an increase in power and strength are a few of the many pay-offs you can expect to see after attending three to five sessions per week!

Orangetheory Fitness strives to maintain top-of-the-line equipment, motivating music, and encouraging group personal trainers to get you through the best 60-minute workout in town!

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