Grande Prairie Furniture Expert – Ken Gripich


You might be surprised just how much better they really are these days so keep your eyes open for the Energy Star sticker when you do buy, as these are standout products in their category. That is not to say an appliance without this endorsement isn’t a low energy consumer just not as good as the best, all the new major appliances use less energy than their predecessors.

On this list are washers and dryers, fridges and stoves, dishwashers, even vent fans for the washroom.

Laundry pairs today consume up to 40% less energy and up to 70% less water than they did only ten years ago. Even more impressive, are the fridge and stove numbers, up to 45% less energy consumed.

By this pair compared to 10 years ago. Dishwashers not only have more features, do a better job of cleaning, are much quieter, they also use 50% less water and 47% less power than they used to.

If you are on the fence about replacing a major home appliance, consider these facts and remember that appliances today, on average are about 15% less expensive than they were ten years ago, use less energy, and less water, as well as less detergents, do yourself a favor and go for it and buy a new oneand start saving money on energy today!

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