Grande Prairie Glass Tinting & Paint Protection Expert – Brent Glaser

Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A new car or truck can be expensive, and for some, second only to their home in value. The paint on your car looks great, however, it is thin and does not protect against rock chips and road sand. And rock chips do happen. That’s what Llumar® Platinum Paint Protection Film (PPF) from SuperTint is specifically made for, to protect your car’s paint.

Llumar® PPF is a high gloss, virtually invisible shield, applied to areas of your car that see damages from everyday driving. The clear coat finish self heals when scratched, and Hydrogard™ technology adds a hydrophobic layer to the coating, effectively increasing durability with superior stain resistance against dirt, oil, tar, and bugs.

Llumar® PPF is installed most commonly over the front end of a vehicle, such as the hood, bumper, grill, and headlights. Side mirrors, rockers, roof, and along the bottom of the doors adds even more coverage, and if that’s not enough, we can wrap the entire car. Llumar precision cut software at SuperTint allows us to pre-cut templates of your car’s surface to minimize trimming and allows for a superior fit each and every install.

With best in class quality and clarity, and backed by a 10 year manufacturer warranty, choose Llumar® Platinum from SuperTint Automotive for your car’s paint protection needs.

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