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Oh radio… Frequency + Consistency + Creativity = Success.  BOOM! You are top of mind; which is right where you need to be.  90% of Canadians engage with radio every week.  It’s even higher in smaller cities like Grande Prairie.  We also sell mind-blowing digital hyper-targeting strategies; but if you don’t have top of mind awareness, all the hyper targeting in the world won’t result in sales.

Frequency:  Our beautiful human brains LOVE repetition.  In radio we call this frequency. Run your ad 21 times a week, and the average listener will hear it three times that week, and the next week, and the next week.  Hearing it over, and over again is key in retaining the information.

Consistency:  Momentum is built up through being consistent.  Just like going to the gym.  If you stepped on the scale, put in a solid half hour workout and then stepped on that scale again, nothing would have changed.  If you do that solid half hour of working out five times a week for three months, a lot will change.  Pick your place to advertise and stay with it.  Three months is the chickening out period.  When you may have spent more money on ads than you got back.

Stick with it, do not chicken out, the ROI is up next and you worked hard for it.  Enjoy and relish in the success!

Creativity:  Radio gives you the opportunity to make an emotional connection with their listener.  You talk directly to the consumer as if the two of you are alone in a room together.  Take that opportunity to appeal to their emotions and they will remember you.

These three things together keep you ‘top of mind’.  When you are ‘top of mind’ beautiful things will start happening. Here’s an example:

A couple decides on their favorite patio one hot afternoon that they should really look into buying a new camper this year. The RV Dealer that is ‘top of mind’ with them pops into their heads.  Later that evening they do a quick google search for the type of RV they want.  Four dealerships pop up.  The same RV dealer that they thought about that afternoon is one of them.  That RV dealer gets the click and later that weekend, they will get the buy.

Those hyper-targeting digital campaigns are awesome!  If your business is not ‘top of mind’ before that moment the targeted display ad is served, the ad will blend in with all the rest. The two types of marketing need to complement each other for the win.

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