Grande Prairie Soul therapy Expert – the Reverend Crystal Rose ~Gypsy Witch Dr of Divinity

Soul Therapy gives us what we need to feel comfortable within our body.

Everyone carries within the ability to heal the body. The more we listen to what it is telling us,  the  better chance of staying healthy we have. Paying attention to our vessel doesn’t seem to take priority in the hectic goings on of our daily existence.

Reiki is one of the tools we can use to help clear energy blockages so it can circulate properly.  We want our energy system to flow in the same way a healthy circulatory system operates. Being able to hear or feel the subtle changes within that system is a gift everyone can learn. Picking up other people’s energy seems to be the problem many of us are faced with, use Reiki as a tool to help you be in chaos without becoming attached to or drained by it.