Lethbridge Insurance Expert -Seth Carlisle

Summer vacation is coming to an end and many students will be moving back to the city to go to the college or the university. Getting ready to start classes again means buying text books, notebooks and pens. But did you know that you should add starting a tenant’s insurance policy to your to do list? Here’s why.


Look around your home. Although it may not seem like you have many possessions, think about the cost of replacing everything you own brand new. Clothing, books, computers, televisions and furniture can add up fast if you have to replace everything at once due to a loss. Having a tenant’s policy can insure your belongings against many perils such as fire, water damage and theft.


Another benefit to having a tenant’s policy is that it protects against your legal liability. If there were to be damage to the residence that you were at fault for then your tenant’s policy may cover the damages so you don’t have to pay out of pocket.

There are many benefits to having a tenant policy. They cover you and your belongings for a very low cost. Come talk to one of our experienced team members at Chaparral Insurance Brokers to see if a tenant’s policy fits your needs.