Lethbridge Radiology Expert – Dr. Lee Brewerton, MD, FRCPC Diplo mate of the American Board of Radiology Musculoskeletal Fellow Mayo Clinic

The most advanced private MRI with little to no wait times. WE’RE WORTH THE DRIVE!

Advantages of our NEW 3 Tesla MRI:

  • Twice the strength of 1.5 Tesla magnets
  • Higher image quality
  • Extensive list of exams available
  • Up to 99% quieter than older scanners
  • Large 70cm bore may reduce claustrophobia
  • 550lb table weight capacity
  • Contrast enhanced studies available

Disadvantages of traditional MRI:

  • Lower field strength
  • Lower image quality
  • Some providers offer limited exams
  • May be uncomfortably loud
  • Bores of 60cm or less may increase claustrophobia
  • Table weight capacity is typically 350lbs or less
  • Contrast enhanced studies may not be available

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