Lethbridge Salon & Spa Services Expert -Stacey

Going on vacation

to a new climate is fun, until you realize you haven’t stocked your toiletries bag with the right products for your hair. Here are some must haves to help keep your locks happy while you’re away, or spending time near the water

this summer:


Pool chemicals can be hard on your hair and require a good quality clarifier to remove. It should be used after every swim, followed by a moisturizer conditioner. We recommend Colorproof Clear It Up Detox Shampoo.


This can be used to add moisture as needed, keeping hair smooth and protected. We recommend Unique One All in One Treatment. This product offers 10 benefits including UV, heat and colour protection, detangling, shine and anti-frizz properties.


Finding the right product for your hair can be complicated, but here are some go tos to keep styling simple. For straight hair, try Label M Sea Salt Spray for added texture and body with minimal effort. For curly hair types, we recommend Colorproof HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray.


Talk to your stylist about in salon conditioning to rejuvenate your hair and counter act the harsh effects of summer. We offer customized Revlon Be Fabulous treatments to replace lost proteins in the hair as well as moisturizing deep conditioning masks. These will combat dryness, breakage, unmanageable hair and promote shine and colour retention.

Don’t let the summer take the life out of your hair and don’t let your hair take the life out of your summer!

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