Medicine Hat Bra Fitting Expert – Mel Lambert

“Back to School Bra Basics”

Disclaimer: these types of bras can be found at every price point and marketed toward every age group, so this is also good advice for non-students as they build a basic bra wardrobe. Also, since this is a general guideline, if you can’t see how a certain style of bra would fit into your life, skip it!

  1. Basic Beige: Having one plain, t-shirt appropriate beige bra that can go under any outfit is a no-brainer. This should be a nice quality workhorse bra that can be worn a couple times a week.
  1. Basic “Black”: Finding another simple, nice quality, t-shirt appropriate bra in a darker color to wear on dark clothing days is a definite bonus. Don’t just limit yourself to black: blue, red, green, patterns, etc are all appropriate under a dark top!
  2. Great Sports: For students who are going to be sweating it out in gym or during team sports, I cannot recommend a supportive sports bra enough. Not having to worry about bounce can up your game immensely!
  3. Buyer’s Choice: Take a look at your wardrobe, do you wear a lot of dresses or tops with funky necklines? Try a strapless! Are you pretty casual? A non-underwire bralette can be a comfortable addition to your wardrobe. Did you fall in love with a gorgeous lacy number? Having one special bra can put a little pep in your step when you wear it!