Red Deer Paint and Auto Restoration Expert – Mark Dolynchuk

Nobody Likes Vandalism

We see all customers – car enthusiasts/collectors, some commercial vehicles, some fixer-uppers, and a lot of just plain folk. What infuriates owners is senseless vandalism. Often owners either don’t have the comprehensive insurance, or the deductible is high – sometimes over $1,000.  If someone ‘keys’ your vehicle, drivers hope we can polish the scratches out. Usually whoever did it exerted enough force to go down to the bare metal. If they were being particularly mean, they run from one quarter panel to another – necessitating repairing or repainting the entire side of the vehicle. If you love your ride, driving it with the mark of ‘Zorro’ down the side isn’t usually an option. It isn’t always random damage. We’ve seen cars filled with shaving cream, messages carved in the paint that say ‘I Hope She Is Worth It’, and the like. I can’t comment on what you can do to avoid that. A surprising amount of damage is done while breaking into your car, often because the owner left some ‘bait’ in open view. An old purse left in the back seat was the target of one break and entry, but the owner hadn’t considered it because it was ‘empty’. The thief had to break in to discover that. As collateral damage, they did $400 worth of paint damage on a $750 deductible. Expensive lesson. One employer brought his truck in with what looked like circular rash marks all over it. Someone had sliced up bologna and plastered it all over his vehicle. The preservatives in the processed meat ate right through the paint. Having a locked gas cap only makes sense when you consider what can be poured down there.  Spray paint, smashed windows because of a loonie in the centre console pocket or an Ipod charger, slashed tires, stolen hood ornaments – the list goes on. Road rage is a growing trigger. Do whatever you can to NOT be a victim. Park in well lit areas. Be nice to people you know and don’t know. Homeless people treated poorly don’t have to go far to ruin your day. Be kind. Enjoy our summer!