Red Deer Plumbing Expert – Shawn Groulx

Are you looking for an efficient and reliable way to keep your garage warm this winter? When it comes to enjoying your cozy car in the winter months or turning your garage into a heated and comfortable man-cave, Express has the solutions for creating a usable space year-round!  We offer forced air, radiant and infrared tube heating solutions. Forced air uses a central furnace that heats air with a burner flame or electrical resistance coils and a blower fan. The fan continuously draws cooled air out of the room through return ducts, and reheats the air at the burner. It then pushes the hot air through the supply ductwork to the garage.  A radiant heating system uses a boiler to heat water. It pumps to circulate the water through a network of small plastic tubes installed beneath the flooring. The rising heat warms rooms from the floor up. Infrared tube heating uses propane or natural gas. The hot temperature is generated by burning fuel inside the unit, heating either a steel tube or ceramic surface within the heater. The heat is then emitted in the form of infrared radiant energy. Reflectors direct the heat downward to warm the spaces below. Express offers the utmost safety when it comes to installing the gas lines used on the installs. Our team is well practiced and experienced in providing outstanding safety. When you let professionals do the gas line installation, you and your family can be sure that the air you are breathing is very safe. Faulty installations can lead to dangerous fumes escaping into your home. To avoid this danger, and keep your family safe, it is necessary to call professionals such as Express to do the gas line installation so you can rest knowing the job was done safely and right!