Medicine Hat Event Decor Expert – Joanne Ebel


The rate for “Limousine Service”  Limousine service is based on several factors, which include knowing the number of people you want to transport, also the amount of hours you require us for, also where you’re going and how many stops we would be making. The more details you can provide us, the more accurate we can be in giving you a price.

If you say you are requiring the limousine for all day, does that mean from 8 am until midnight?  Or is it from Noon till 6?   Are we coming back after 11 pm to shuttle your guests or to take you to the hotel room?  If we take you to the reception at 6pm and you have us coming back at 11pm to drive your guests, you won’t get charged  from 6pm till 11 pm, if this is an in town venue.  Out of town trips may include travel time and for out of province we do require to get a permit.

A typical wedding for a limousine company would include picking up the groom and groomsmen and taking them to the ceremony.  Then returning to get the bride and bridesmaids and taking them to the ceremony.  The driver would wait, getting the ice bucket filled and champagne chilling while you’re saying your vows.  When you come outside, your limousine is waiting to whisk you off for pictures and then to your reception.

We can also arrange a shuttle service for your guests to the ceremony and reception venues as well at the end of the evening for a safe ride home.  We can set up an intimate ride for the bride & groom to their hotel, a perfect ending to a perfect day