Medicine Hat Home Renovations Expert – Michael Klassen

Bathrooms currently seem to be the primary choice for home renovation these days. Even more than the kitchen, and one reason why bathrooms receive more renovation attention, is largely because of size. You will typically spend less for a bathroom renovation project, less of your hard earned clams and seashells on your new bathroom oasis, so why not?

Need a bit more room? Consider an in-wall toilet. Yes, the tank for these units fit inside the wall and the bowls hang on the wall lifted above the floor.

Towel warmers help you beat those cold and dark winter mornings. These practical amenities are useful for drying and warming towels. They work well warming blankets and clothing as well.

Looking for even more space? Families are returning to the in-wall medicine cabinets. That available space between the studs is not just for the toilet tank, many are using the space for the medicine cabinets once again.

Heated floors. These work very well with tile floors and add an efficient heat source to your bathroom. The ancient Romans had in-floor heat, why not your family?

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