Medicine Hat Medical Cosmetics Expert – Dr Burger


This is entering the realm of tattooing eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner, lip colour and even areola colouring after breast surgery.

The history of tattooing goes back to the mummies of Egypt, but also in Europe and North Africa for thousands of years.

Techniques have changed dramatically from sharpened wooden and metal tips thousands of years ago to coil machines with needles and pen-like machines in the 1970s. Nowadays a computer driven system is not out of the question.

What the client should be aware of:

  1. Type of ink used.

Make sure to check the source and FDA approval of the ink that is going to be tattooed into your skin, permanently. It should be FDA approved and have a reputable source in the West, be careful of “natural products” from the East which is short for ‘no-governing-body-approved-quality’. There is a risk for getting heavy metals like lead and mercury tattooed into your skin if the source of the ink is not pristine.

  1. Safety

Disposable tips and needles should be used and opened in front of you. The artist or technician should wear disposable gloves and have a neat appearance. The treatment area should be clear of nail dust, animal hair etc. Disinfection guidelines standards must be met for the reusable equipment. It is your safety and your body – ask the artist about these disinfecting procedures.

  1. Does it hurt?

Yes, there is some discomfort with tattooing. The skin is broken by needles or micro-blades to tattoo it into the skin. Ask your technician about this before the procedure. With facial tattoos, most places will use some form of numbing for client comfort.

  1. Is it permanent?

Yes, it is seen as permanent. Depending on the technique used, there might be mild fading with time which might need touch-ups. Most clients do not see this as a problem, because we get older, our hair colour might change, our face changes a bit and the harsh colours eg black brows used for our browns today, might not look good that dark 5 years from now.

We recently aquired Melissa as part of our team at Hummingbird MediSpa. She has a very steady hand and does beautiful work. She uses a micro-blading technique that makes eyebrows look like hair and not a solid tattoo…and many other techniques.

If you have considered Permanent Make-up as an option, give us a call at 403 529 2006