Medicine Hat Metal Recycling Expert – “Scrapper” Sandy Traichel

It’s back to school time! Just kidding, you still need to deal with your kids for at least another month!! What to do with them… Camping, road trips, swimming lessons… Or put ‘em to Work!!

There’s still time to teach them the value of a dollar… and the value of scrap metal! Does that tool shed out back need cleaning? Maybe there’s some random scrap by the garage? Do you still have an old barbeque lying around after buying a new one this year? Bring it all in! Put your teenager to work this month so they can start looking forward to being in school next month!

Remember we recycle all types of household scrap. Examples include appliances, car batteries and home renovation scrap such as Copper electrical wire, Copper pipe and Brass pipe & fittings!

Don’t forget! We have a pizza promotion going on! Be the first of 3 to bring in at least $75 worth of scrap and receive a $20 gift certificate to Farros Pizza! At least the kids can still look forward to a tasty treat!

Gas City Metals and Recycling,

Come in for your…Copper-tunity!