Medicine Hat Vision Care Expert – Jim Stewart

With school getting close to starting up again makes me think of the importance of having all school age kids get their eyes checked.  Giving children as much advantage and to help them learn easier will make a huge difference to them in their future.  Being able to see clearly is one of those huge advantages!!!!

Most parents have no idea if their children need glasses or not.  Why would they.  Unless they get regular eye examinations so many times its hard to tell.  Kids don’t know they can’t see as they have never had anything to compare their eyesight too.

Speaking of parents here are a couple of examples that I may have mentioned before but I think are relative.  When I was 8 years old my parents got a call from my grade 3 teacher saying that I kept running up to the blackboard to see what it said so I could do my work.  She politely suggested I should get my eyes checked.  Sure enough a few days later I was wearing glasses.  WOW what a difference, I could see things my mom and dad had no idea I couldn’t see before.  I had no idea I was supposed to see them either.  I know they felt terrible.  I still think they are and were great parents!

Parents please get a routine eye examination done by an Optometrist.  It’s free, paid for by Alberta Health Care until the children turn 19.  Kids should have their eyes checked every year.  It’s not just to see if they need glasses but to make sure everything is healthy and developing properly.  As kids grow and especially those summer time growth spurts their eyes are part of the body that is growing and changing.  If a kid is nearsighted and go through a growth spurt you could almost bet their eyes have changed as well.

With our new 2nd location we have a huge area dedicated to children, a great and wonderful selection of children’s glasses.  20/20 Kids is located at 444 4th St SE.  We will also check older children at our original location on 3rd St.

As a parent myself, please parents take advantage of a fully covered eye examination for your children!!!  Let’s make sure we give our children every opportunity to succeed!