Lethbridge Health Foods and Wellness Expert – Cris Robinson

We have no Planet B!

At Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness, we have a passion for your health and OUR PLANET!

We are running out of space. We are creating more garbage and recycling than we can handle. Our oceans are full of plastic which is affecting sea life and our health.

One of biggest goals at our store is to reduce waste and help you reduce yours. We offer the largest selection of refillable items in Southern Alberta.

Bring in an empty jar, bottle or bag to refill household items like shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath, body wash, hairspray, lotion, laundry detergent, soap, all-purpose cleaner, deodorant, toothpaste, massage oil and much more!

We are also carry locally made Kombucha on tap. Bring a jar or growler bottle in to fill up on the tastiest Kombucha you have ever tried!!

We are passionate about what we do. Come on in to experience a whole new health food store shopping experience.