Lethbridge Hearing Expert – Michael Golia

Question: “What should I do if I have wax in my ears? Can I use a Q tip to clean the WAX out?”

ANSWER: WE all do it! Use Q tips to clean wax and moisture out of our ears. But there is a danger…so NO, do not use Q tips. There is a risk of perforating your ear drum, but the real damage is to the thin single layer of skin over bone in your ear canal. The twisting action of the Q tip can damage this membrane and creat medical problems. Visit our office, we  offer Video Otoscope to view your ears on TV in 30x magnification. If wax is present, you may have to visit your Doctor for removal. Often this wax is hard and needs to be softened. Miracell is a botanical that heals and restores this skin layer. It also is a good WAX softening agent to be used before you visit your Doctor. So, DO NOT USE Q TIPS, visit our office to check your ears for wax, use MIRACELL to soften wax and heal your ear canal. Read more at www.miracellproear.com.