Lethbridge Insurance Expert – Seth Carlisle

Water Damage, Coverage and Your Home Policy

One of the most common reasons a person has to start a home claim is due to water damage. But did you know that not all home policies offer the same type of water damage coverage? There are multiple types of water damage coverage, and they may have different limits as well. Contact your broker to discuss the options.

Sewer Back Up

A common cause of sewer back up is a clog in the line. This could be in either the city line or on a line located on your property. Either way you’re going to want sewer back up coverage with high limits as this is a very expensive mess to clean up, almost everything that comes in contact with this water will need to be destroyed.  Although we recommend your sewer back up coverage be the full replacement value limit of your home some companies have it as low as $10,000.

Overland Flood and Water

When there is an excess of rain or a Chinook blows through and melts the snow at a quick rate, land that is normally dry can be under water very quickly. At the same time that rain and melted snow can cause lakes, ponds and other bodies of water to rise, break or overflow. All this water can cause serious damage to your home, but if you don’t have overland flood and water coverage on your home policy then you might not be protected against these types of events.

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