Lethbridge Plumbing and Gas Fitting Expert – Clint McKee

Tips & Reminders

Summer is nearly over. Here are a few tips & reminders that could save your investment.

1.It’s time to shut off the outside hose bibs and drain the water out of the lines. Make sure all hoses are not attached to the hose bibs and frost free as it can cause the water lines to split.

  1. If you own a hot water tank, now is the time to flush the sediment out of your tank. A simple garden hose into the floor drain and run for 5 minutes. Tankless should be flushed as well (with a pump and vinegar)
  2. Now is a good time to change your thermostat batteries. Blow the dust out of the furnace and change the filter.
  3. Inspect your sewer lines with a camera. Make sure it’s in good shape and will get you through the Fall and Winter- no one likes a Sewer Surprise!
  4. When buying a new home, make sure you include a sewer inspection in your deal. It could save you thousands in sewer damages later.