Medicine Hat Safety Expert – Andy Cowan

Like me, I hope you are excited about the number of new businesses and industries coming to our area. The construction and maintenance of these facilities require use of light equipment – all of which require certification to operate.

In Alberta, approximately 2 of every 100 workers are injured on the job each year, and though 50% of these are minor injuries, some have resulted in fatalities. Throughout my years of experience in both the military, transportation, and training industries, it has been evident that most of the incidents could have been prevented had workers received proper training on operation of equipment.

Our light equipment training consists of two components: classroom and practical training. The classroom content is delivered through multimedia presentations and interactive discussion. However, the practical component is the most critical element and includes tasks ranging from basic machine starting to more complex tasks of load handling and transporting to demonstrate operator competence.

Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act, Regulation and Code have general and specific requirements related to the operation of powered mobile equipment and sets out general duties for employers and workers. Without proper training, operators put themselves and co-workers in an unsafe situation.

Whether you are using this equipment on your farm or in business, we can provide the training you need. Call 403-528-3779 today to discuss your training needs.