Medicine Hat Dynamic Cupping Expert – Lana Huhn, RMT

Dynamic Cupping is a method of causing Local Congestion where a vacuum is created with the use of silicon cups, which are placed on the skin via means of air suction. This negative pressure creates a drawing action in the tissues rather then compression of massage resulting in effective separation of tissue layers.

The creation of space in areas of congestion and adhesion allows for clearing and better blood flow to the muscle assisting in the healing process. Dynamic Cupping creates a myocardial release  and helps mobilize congestion sitting in the tissues, allowing circulatory and lymphatic systems to clear.

The suction method in Dynamic Cupping draws up non circulating stagnant body products freeing up better blood flow to the deeper tissues that will result in Marks. The Marks experienced post treatment are NOT bruises and usually last 5 to 7 days. Lastly, hydration after Dynamic Cupping is very important, please make sure you drink plenty of water after your treatment.