Medicine Hat Bra Fitting Expert – Mel Lambert

Band Size Will Make or Break Your Bra

What if I told you that there were somewhere between 10 and 15 different sizes of D cups? I bet you’d be pretty shocked! You’d think I was joking.

I’m genuinely not! The reason that there are so many different versions of a cup is because every cup comes in 10-15 different band sizes!

More than any other measurement of a bra, the band size is the most important size that you need to know. A 32D has a totally different cup size than a 42D, because the cup is calculated by adding to the band.

Think of it this way: A 32D has a measurement of 32 inches around your ribcage and 36 inches around the fullest part of your bust. A 40D has a ribcage measuring 40 inches, and a 44 inch measurement around your bust. All “D” means, in this case, is that your bust is 4 inches bigger than your ribcage. So while a 32D and 42D are both D cups, there’s a 10 inch difference between their busts – they look very different in reality!

If you add the fact that there are somewhere around 15 different cup sizes in your average bra boutique, at approximately 15 band sizes each, you end up with over 200 possible bra sizes! Now, if this all sounds complicated to you – that’s okay! There’s a lot of work involved in determining your proper bra size, so why not let an Expert®  do it for you? Right now seems like a good opportunity to remind you that every fitting at BGS Body Shop is free, with no obligation to buy and no appointment needed.