Medicine Hat Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. Wallace Jans

Back on Schedule

It seems September is always the time to get back to routines after the chaos of summer.  With our short summer season everyone tries to fit in as many warm weather activities as possible. Given that time is finite, frequently we neglect some important things to allow us to squeeze in as many fun times as we can.  What has been neglected in your life this summer?  Has it been your exercise routine?  Has healthy eating slipped more than just a little?  Perhaps your sleep habits have faltered?  Have you gotten off your chiropractic maintenance schedule?

Think for a moment about the many things you did this summer.  How many of them were stressful to your body?  How many things did you lift incorrectly?  How many times did you make a divot with your golf club? How many times did you get whipped around on the tube behind the boat?  How many times did the water hose get caught and give you a jerk?  How many poor beds did you sleep on?  The list of all the things that you did that weren’t kind to your body probably goes on and on.

If you are a parent, think a little further about the many tumbles and scrapes your children have experienced this summer.  Do you sometimes marvel that they are not permanently maimed?

After a few moments reflection you probably realize that many things have happened to both you and your children this summer that were not kind to your bodies.  Now is the time to get back on track with your chiropractic care!  If you haven’t been under care and want to know if chiropractic can be beneficial for you, call our office at 403-529-9069 for a free consultation.