Medicine Hat Community Living Expert – Diane Eley

What’s the Difference?

You may notice that various seniors’ living accommodations will have different living options expressed in terms like ‘Independent Living’, ‘Supportive Living’ etc. and wonder, “what really is the difference between these? And how do I know which area best suits my needs???” Good questions! At Chinook Village, we try to keep things pretty straightforward. We have three distinct areas offering three distinct lifestyles: Independent Living, Supportive Living and Assisted Living.

At this time you are independent. You manage your bills, buy your groceries and make your meals and keep your place in good working order. That is exactly what Independent Living is like at Chinook Village – you live independently. So you may ask “then what would be the point of moving to a complex if you are still independent in your lifestyle”? It’s all the other benefits that we offer: building maintenance, snow removal, socialization with other residents, amenities galore from fitness to workshops, from the library to the Bistro, the convenience of dining in our Dining Room – the list is HUGE, the reasons many. Safe, secure, comfortable, dependable – senior housing takes quite a load off your mind!

And, when you do need a little more help – we’re here to lend a helping hand. That’s where Supportive Living comes in.

In this lifestyle choice we respect your independence and support you by providing housekeeping, meals, an emergency response system and more.

What if you need more than a helping hand? Preserving dignity is so important to each one of us, so we have options for that higher level of need in an atmosphere that continues to respect your independence. Your choice of Assisted Living will provide 24/7 emergency and

personal response as well as housekeeping, meals, morning and evening care and dressing, assistance with stockings, hearing aids and showering. Managed incontinence care, portering, cueing, medication management are some of the higher-level features we offer here at Chinook Village.

Can you move from Independent to Supportive – or Assisted Living within Chinook Village? Absolutely!!! You’re the resident and we make it easy for you, ensuring the continuity of what you’re familiar with and within the framework of our community here.

Who can help determine what works best for you – or, if you’re a care- giver, for that special person in your life?

There’s help. Home Care is an excellent resource – both to meet personal health needs and do assessments which will guide you to the right level of care required. Your medical team can suggest options; and you can always call and receive direction from our Sales office here at Chinook Village. We’re Experts® in the field of senior housing and have capable are caring staff. Check out our website or call us today!