Medicine Hat Indoor Gun Expert – Rocky Rutledge

What does Canadian GunHub offer?

Here at Canadian GunHub we offer a wide variety of services and products.

Need your firearms cleaned?

We offer Ultra Sonic cleaning. If you have a pistol or AR upper 16” or under that needs a good deep clean to remove carbon or other stains. Come see us and we will run it through our Hornady sonic cleaner using Hornady gun cleaning solution for best results.

Need your Firearm Safety Course (PAL)?

We offer both non-restricted and restricted courses. Courses typically run every 2 weeks and are taught by a highly professional certified instructor.

Looking for a specific item?

We have a large variety of inventory in stock but if there is something we don’t have, always be sure to ask as we can usually source it thru our distributors or have it imported.

Need a place to stay warm in the Winter and cool during the Summer while you shoot?

Our range is open 7 days a week and open 9am till 9pm.  You don’t need any experience or a licence. Our staff will show you what you need to know. We also have 3 levels of memberships available.