Medicine Hat Medical Cosmetics Expert – Dr. Burger

What You Should Know About Injectable Fillers

Injectable fillers, in combination with Botox, are the pillars that comprise Esthetic Medicine.

Hyaluronic acid (a sugar crystal that holds water) is a natural component in our skin (and many other parts of the body).

It gives plumpness and volume to tissue.

It is a long chain bound to its neighboring chains with cross-bindings to form a gel-like substance.

In our skin we have lost 25% Hyaluronic acid by age 25, 30% by age 30, 50% by age 50 etc. Which means our skin slowly loses it plumpness, which means it is looser and hangs down and shows lines, aka “getting older”.

In Pharmaceutical laboratories we often use yeast to produce certain molecules. Yeast is interesting in that it will exactly duplicate and pump out a molecule that is introduced into it, without altering that molecule. Different companies have slightly different molecules and different cross bindings in their Hyaluronic acid products used as Injectable Fillers.

Thus we can produce, in a controlled laboratory environment, Hyaluronic acid in pure and injectable form.

The product used is a clear gel in a prepacked sterile syringe.

It can be injected into joint spaces – not exactly the same products as used in Esthetic Medicine, but the same principle. And into our face to obtain certain results – smooth out saggy look under the eyes, lift cheeks back up, fill in unwanted hollows and the one every one knows – make our lips bigger. A good injector can literally give a client a “Face lift” result without the downtime, money and risk compared to surgery.

It should be clear by now that Hyaluronic acid cannot get into the skin by applying it on the surface….it is a chain in gelform…how would it penetrate the outer dead layer of the skin?

Skincare products touting “contains Hyaluronic Acid” should make the consumer laugh. Just like you cannot get your dietary fiber in by rubbing it on your face you cannot get your Hyaluronic Acid replaced by rubbing it on your face. I’m afraid it has to be injected into very specific anatomical positions and layers of tissue for optimal and spectacular results.

Which means you want to see an injector with a lot of experience and trained as a Physician who knows where Fillers can and cannot be injected.

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