Red Deer Plumbing Expert – Shaun Groulx

With winter approaching, you will want to ensure your water heater(s) and your furnace(s) are prepared for the chilly months ahead.

There are many benefits of regular furnace maintenance that include but are not limited to: lower utility bills, cost savings on repairs, prolonged life of your system, and system efficiency. Express offers visual equipment inspections that include the inspection of your: heat exchanger, fan switch, pilot light, safety controls, gas lines, filters and more. This will help catch a problem before your furnace quits working in the middle of the night.  When you have to hire a heating professional due to a furnace breaking down, you’re likely going to end up paying emergency rates, but regular furnace maintenance with Express can help save you the cost and stress!

Hot water heaters are an important amenity we often overlook in our daily lives. They provide hot water for showers, laundry, and dishwashing. Like a furnace, annual maintenance on your water heater will ensure a long life and lower utility bills. You don’t want to be left without hot water and a hefty repair bill.

For a limited time only, Express is offering an off season special visual inspection on both hot water heaters and furnaces to keep your home running efficiently this winter.  With the hot water heater inspection, the professionals will look at the heaters: thermostat, vents,  T&P valve and much more!

To ensure that your furnace and hot water tank are in safe, working order, call our Experts® at Express to get the job done!