Saskatoon Oil Change – Gerald Guenette

Today topic: lights. Do you know how many different lights are on your vehicle and the purposes they serve?

The different types of exterior lights on your car are:

  • headlights (high beam, low beam, daytime running lights), possibly fog lights
  • signal lights, marker lights
  • tail lights, brake lights, and reverse lights
  • license plate bulbs

All light bulbs are on your car for a reason, mostly for safety and not just your safety but also for other drivers on the road. Making sure all your lights are operating correctly keeps everyone on the road safe.

The most obvious lights on your car are your headlights, whose function is to ensure that the driver can see in low light and darkness and allow other drivers to see your vehicle. Along with headlights are Daytime Running Lights (DRLs). While they don’t help you see, as they are only on in daylight, they aid other drivers in seeing you. Like the DRL’s, tail lights in the back make your vehicle visible from the rear when turned on.

The other set of lights on the front of your vehicle are your fog lights (not the commonly said Running Lights) which are designed for helping when it’s foggy out. The bulbs are positioned low enough that they shine underneath the fog to allow you to see the   road, however, white light against white fog does nothing, they should be yellow to cut through cloudiness.

Brake lights activate when pressing the brake pedal to alert traffic that you are slowing down or coming to a stop. Most vehicles have three brake lights – drivers’ side, passenger side, and high center. If one of these are burnt out, the risk of the vehicle behind you not being able to see your braking increases. For example, if your center brake light is out and you apply your brakes, the driver of a large truck driving behind you may not be able to see over the hood as is can obstruct the other lower brake lights.

Then there are the reverse lights that light up when you put your vehicle in reverse so other drivers know that you are backing up and indicate that you need extra space.  The purpose of a license plate bulb is simple: it illuminates the license plate to make it visible. A question that I get asked frequently when I let people know that its burnt out is, do I really need them? The answer is yes, if your vehicle is equipped with a light then it needs to be functioning.  Your signal lights serve two purposes – The first is to signal to traffic which direction you are attempting to go when you are changing lanes or turning a corner. The second is they also function as your hazard lights if your vehicle is damaged or undrinkable they let other drivers know you are a non-moving object.

And lastly your marker lights provide extra illumination when turned on at night and during times of poor visibility to help other drivers and pedestrians see the vehicle. That’s it. Making sure the light’s lens is not to fogged or scratched so that the lights can do their job properly is important. At Lubrication   Station, we offer a headlight restoration service that is guaranteed to make those puppy’s good as new! Visit to see the results.

Simple, right? Just remember safety should always be number one priority when it comes to your vehicle and the road.