White Rock Fitness Expert – Josh Saunders

5 tips for working out in this heat

It’s been hot lately! And with this heat, it’s so hot you may not workout at all. But you’re a winner. You know you’ll be hitting the gym later on…

So here are 5 tips to survive your workout even when it’s muy clientele:

Tip #1 >> Workout

Even if it’s 100 degrees, just do it. Go slower, and hydrate… drink twice the water you usually do. Just go slower. If you feel a little ‘weaker’, that’s normal. Ignore all the beast mode memes. These are extreme conditions. And you’re human. If you usually squat 225 lbs, a few 135 lbs squats are better than no squats. But with that said…

Tip #2 >> Finish every workout gasping for air.

I know I just said to go easy – but the last minutes of your workout should be exhilarating and get the crowd going. We call them finishers.Your last exercise should get you going. Boxing, farmers walks, burpees, sled pushes, sprints, bear crawls, kettlebell swings, etc.

Tip #3 >> Be ready to sweat.

But remember that sweating is not an indication of a ‘good workout’. Sweating is simply your body’s response to cool you down. It doesn’t matter, just like soreness.

Tip #4 >> Don’t worry about soreness

Soreness only comes from doing something ‘new’ or heavier. It is not related to results. Granted, it feels cool to ‘feel’ your muscle the next day. But it’s nothing more than a ‘cool sensation’.

Get enough sleep, drink water, eat high quality food – and you’ll rarely get sore. Unless you go heavier than usual, then you’ll probably get sore the next day. And when you go heavy…

Tip #5 >> Feel the muscles not the weight

Getting fitter in the gym is training, it’s not a competition. So listen to your body and feel your muscles doing the movements, as that will be you more effectively training them to get better.

I leave you with this:

In training we learn to listen to our body, in competition, we learn to ignore it… Listen to your body!

Enjoy your workouts,

Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS