Grande Prairie Auralite 23 Expert – Janet Lofstrom

Hidden deep in the Boreal Forest of the Canadian shield is the Sacred Cave of Wonders. The gift this cave has given us is Auralite 23.

This unique Crystalline Entity kept the North American continent intact by filling a gap when a rift was caused by approximately 1.5 billion years ago. This was not the kind of rift a continent could survive, yet the Auralite not only held us together – it healed the damage.

Containing 23 minerals & 35 elements, this stone has the ability to activate many subtle energy shifts. As an amplifier, this stone held while sitting in the Salt Sanctuary will allow you to slip into even calmer states of relaxation than either alone can do.   Use it to pump up the positively while toning down anger.

Come hold a piece & see what you experience for yourself.