Grande Prairie Hearing Expert – Teresa Blimkie

Q     My fingers and hands are stiff with arthritis. My vision is not so great. How am I going to manage hearing aids?

AThe process of selecting hearing technology and a treatment plan for an individual with hearing loss is very thorough and takes all aspects into consideration. If physical limitations such as reduced dexterity or vision loss are present, the Hearing Care Professional will find the best way to accommodate and meet your needs. Depending on your necessities, we look at various options and work with hearing aid manufacturers add and/or modify features to assist these limitations. In addition, we look at alternate ways to manage the insertion, removal, and maintenance of the hearing aids. Our Hearing Care Professionals will work with you to solve these and any other issue in question.

Ask the Abundant Living Expert – Pastor Phillip-Robe-From

Benefits from Your Disruption

You are living through major disruptions.  The way you communicate has changed.  From letters taking a week to travel by mail, you can now send a text message or an email and expect it to be read in seconds.

In the recent past, you had to go into a video store and rent a DVD.  Blockbuster video never did embrace digital video rentals and suffered greatly.  Netflix transitioned from mailing DVDs to digital video services.  Now nearly all video can be accessed digitally from a smartphone as Netflix experiences great success.  Kodak never did embrace digital photography as it could have and went bankrupt in 2012.

Uber is the largest taxi company in the world and it owns no taxis.  Airbnb is the largest accommodations provider in the world and it operates no hotels.  These are disruptions to previously comfortable industries who are reeling from the changes.  You are likely to buy something on Amazon for a third of the price you would pay in a store like Sears.  Only thing is Sears is closing its doors….

What about you?  What will you do when major disruptions happen to you personally?  Will you continue to fight the changes, insisting on the old methods of living your life?  Or will you adapt, grow, change, and find a way to thrive with the disruptions that happen to you?

It’s so easy to focus on the seemingly horrible circumstances that seem to change the rules regarding the life you had.  Instead, you might just be able to find a way to adapt and possibly benefit from a disruption in your life.