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Is Tenants Insurance Something You Can Afford NOT To Have

Do you know how much it would cost you to start from nothing again?

Even though you are only renting the residence you live in, it is important to have tenants insurance on your belongings. A set of dishes may not cost a lot on its own, but when you add up the cost of all your belongings it can be a huge expense. You may think you can’t afford it, but $30,000 coverage on a policy is as little as 67 cents per day.

Tenants insurance not only covers your belongings but it also covers your personal liability. An example of a liability incident at your home is as simple as the delivery person dropping off a package at your place in the winter, slips on ice, breaks both their legs and sues you for not salting the walkway. This person could be out of work for a long time, do you have the money to pay their lost wages and medical bills?

Tenant’s policies can also cover the loss of use of your dwelling. If a claim was to occur this insurance could contribute to re-locations costs whether it be renting a new place or staying at a hotel for a few weeks while your place is repaired.

There is usually covered on tenants policies that give added value and the 67 cents per day will definitely contribute to your Peace of Mind.

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