Medicine Hat Residential Swimming Pool Expert – Russel Koch

Commonly asked questions about pool closing. (Winterizing)

What kind of chemicals do I need to close my pool?

We suggest a good dose of chlorine, plus a non -chlorine oxidizer and finally a strong algaecide.

Don’t forget to balance the water. PH and Alkalinity.

Do you put any antifreeze in your pipes.?

Yes, we do. We use a plumbing antifreeze, along with a compressor and vacuum to blow out the lines. Once we blow out the lines, we add plumbing antifreeze to everything. It prevents any water that might be left in the lines from freezing.

Do you remove the light or drop it?

In most cases, we remove the light and wrap it in a plastic bag for the winter. If we leave the light in the pool, we will drop it to the bottom. What we don’t want is for the light to be in ice. The expansion of the ice can crack the light.

Do you lower the water in the pool?

For a vinyl liner pool, the water is usually dropped below the return fittings. This way there is no chance of water entering the system and freezing. The water in the pool is helpful in keeping everything in place until the spring. We never drain a vinyl liner pool in the winter. Even if you are going to replace the liner in the spring, you still must have water in the pool for the winter. For an above ground vinyl liner pool, the water is lowered to just below the returns and cover for the winter.

Do I leave my pool open or should I cover it for the winter?

We recommend covering the pool with either a black winter cover or a winter safety cover.

A black winter cover is held in place with water bags and will sit on top of the water. Once the water freezes the cover will just sit there. The snow and leaves and dirt will collect on the cover and in the spring the water that is on the cover and the leaves will have to be removed.

A winter safety cover is attached to your deck and will keep the leaves out of your pool. The snow that collects on the cover during the winter will melt and the water will go into the pool. The leaves will just blow away. A winter safety cover is ideal if there are dogs or cats. The dogs and cats can walk across the cover and, except for getting a little wet will be fine.

What do I do with my sand filter or cartridge filter for the winter

For you, sand filter, make sure you drain the filter and put the handle on the valve into winterization. Leave the drain plug off, and make sure that water can not enter the filter.

For a cartridge filter, take it apart from the clean the cartridges with clean water. If you want to soak them in a solution of muriatic acid( diluted), do so for 24 hours then give them a really good wash with clean water. This would also be a good time to clean out the canister for the filter.