Medicine Hat Safety Expert – John Thibeault

In 2016, the Canadian Trucking Alliance indicated the transport truck driver is one of the most prevalent jobs in Canada, and it remains one of the most critical for the transport of most products across our country.

With several million kilometers behind the wheel in Canada and the USA, I understand the need for training and industry regulations to ensure the safety of not only the driver but others on the road. Alberta Transportation mandates a person must have a full Class 5 or higher license (non-GDL), an air brakes endorsement, and a medical exam (for Class 1) before they are able to attempt the road exam. We work one-on-one with students as they train in the yard and behind the wheel. Our 4 instructors have over 80 years of combined professional driver experience, so we bring real-world experience to the training process.

A commercial driver needs to do more than drive; we offer additional training as well. From first aid training, to load securement, defensive driving air brakes, TDG, hours of service/logbooks, and driver evaluations, we offer the training needed to increase the safety and knowledge of drivers at all skill levels.

To inquire about private training, using the Canada-Alberta Job Grant to train your employees, or our government funded programs, please call the office at 403-528-3779. Connect with us today!