Langley Denture Expert – Jeremy den Ouden, RD

At Renew Denture Clinic, I  am excited to offer one of the world’s most advanced nonsurgical denture solutions, “Suction Effective Lower/Mandibular Complete Dentures” (SEMCD). I provide patients with a revolutionary denture technique that was introduced to Canada only a few years ago.

As a certified practitioner in Suction Effective Lower Dentures, I recommend this treatment option for patients who desire full functionality of their lower denture WITHOUT the invasive procedures associated with costly implant retained dentures.

Suction Effective Lower Dentures can create such strong suction that patients often use a special technique to break the seal in order to remove their denture. This means that while speaking, chewing, and eating their favorite traditionally non-denture-friendly foods  (such as apples, and corn-on-the-cob), most patients with Suction Effective Lower Dentures experience no movement of their denture.

As a denturist, I am so excited about this opportunity to change people’s lives! I believe that you should love your denture, and I hope you do!

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Hope to see you soon,