Langley Fitness Expert – Josh Saunders

4 Steps To Lose Weight (Guaranteed)

You’ve heard of all the quick-fixes out there. Pills, waist trainers, quick diets – none of them work. For no one. Not even Mariah Carey. To really lose weight I’d have to say there are 4 steps.

FIRST – Eat smaller portions

When you have a new tub of toothpaste, it’s nice and full, right? So when it’s brush-time you squeeze it hard. You have plenty. If you spill, who cares – because you have plenty. Then when it’s almost empty, what do you do? You roll it up and take whatever you can get.

This is because of induced demand. (Meaning, demand will always match or exceed supply). Widening a freeway never works because, in the end, more cars will show up to fill the empty lanes.

Same goes for your food. If you have more on your plate, you’ll eat more. Frequent smaller meals also prevent hunger. So you don’t binge and overeat like a diva.

SECOND – Eat your protein and vegetables first

Eat your kale first and you’ll eat less of the remaining meal.  And you will have gotten all of your nutrients and vitamins in before you go to carb-city.

THIRD – Avoid temptations

Whatever goes through your front door will get eaten. Just don’t buy it. Don’t shop on an empty stomach. Don’t go to restaurants on an empty stomach.

Remember you become the average of those you surround yourself with. It’s hard eating kale if everyone in the room is eating chips.

FOURTH – Get on a schedule

If you don’t plan your day/meals out, you’ll eat whatever society wants you to eat. And that’s not kale.

Busy people have to do lists. Successful people have schedules. And that’s IT. I know it’s basic. But such is life.

First comes Spring, then Summer, Autumn, then Winter. Some things are set in stone. But as always maybe you know someone who needed to hear this. So forward this with a smiley face.

Keep up the hard work – you can do whatever you set your mind to.

And if you don’t have a set schedule and accountability with your fitness routine, LVFiT is opening soon with a limited time offer.

Committed to your success,

Josh Saunders, BS, CSCS