Langley Pet Expert – Critters and Friends

Grooming your dog is a necessity and should be done in a timely manner. Depending upon the breed of dog you have will dictate how often and to what extent you need to groom your puppy or dog. If you own a Newfoundland, you need to brush their long water-resistant coats daily and would rarely give them a bath. If needed, you may use a dry shampoo to remove any odor. On the opposite end would be a Standard Poodle. These puppies and dogs need to be bathed on a regular basis and their coat clipped every six to eight weeks. You need to know your breed of dog and what grooming needs arise with this breed. If uncertain what to do you can always ask the breeder or find information from your vet, library, breeders groups or online. With the World Wide Web, there is no reason for an owner to claim ignorance of a pet he owns.