Red Deer Office Furniture Expert – Sandra Farquharson

When designing a new office space, it can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. There are plans, budgets, and purchases to make, and it seems there’s always one thing that’s forgotten.

Office design is important to the health of any business, as you’re creating a space where employees will spend the majority of their time.

There are things one would normally consider when buying office items of furniture, such as costs and budget. However, there are other things to consider when making such vital purchases.

Workspace design can have a big impact on workplace culture. In recent years, the traditional cubicle environment has nearly disappeared in favor of more comfortable, collaborative spaces. The following new office design trends are among the most innovative yet, embracing functionality and visual appeal.

Every person works a little differently. Unique tasks require varying combinations of group and individual work. Thus, designers have keyed in on flexibility as one of the most important office design concepts in 2018.

Some of the new office-design trends supporting flexible workspaces are:

Lounge areas that can serve different purposes, from meeting with clients to conversations between coworkers. These areas allow for low-stakes collaboration, encouraging creativity and promoting a sense of fun.

Fixed layouts are disappearing in favor of moveable, modular components. As the nature of the office changes, the layout can adjust to suit it.

Shared space has become a norm in many office environments; the new trend is open-concept work areas that include cubbies and discrete corners to provide a combination of group and individual spaces.

Another common thread in 2018 office design trends is integrating elements from other kinds of environments into the workplace. These trends run the gamut from bringing the great outdoors into the office to incorporating components of the home:

Design elements drawn from the natural world are huge, including plant-inspired upholstery patterns, living walls, and recycled wood.

Offices are incorporating furniture with a homier look, such as wooden desks reminiscent of dining tables, to create a more comfortable environment.

If you are interested in learning more about making your workspace more flexible or just making your office more like the rest of the world, we can certainly help. Call us today for an appointment with a design consultant.