Medicine Hat Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. April Ruzycki

Farewell Medicine Hat

My Medicine Hat journey began in February 2008 when I moved to the city straight out of Chiropractic College. Being from the rural Edmonton area, my limited knowledge of Medicine Hat was that the TransCanada Hwy ran through it, that the city had the World’s Tallest Tepee and that the Greenhouse capital of the Prairies was the neighbouring town. I was nervous, excited and all alone. But the clinic, the patients and the community members of this city opened their arms and their hearts to me

When I joined the Powers & Jans team I had a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips.  Drs. Powers, Jans and Taylor provided me with a combined 68 years of practice knowledge that I could draw upon (now our clinic boasts 124 years of clinical experience!). I was blessed with opportunities to refine my skills with them in the clinic, consult with them for second opinions and travel to seminars where we learned side by side continuing our educational journeys together. Drs. Jans and Powers invested their time into me, mentoring and inspiring me, moulding me into the chiropractor I am today. I am forever grateful to these two men for seeing potential in me.

From the beginning, the staff of the Powers & Jans Centre have been supportive and encouraging. Their enthusiasm for me paralleled my own excitement as I grew professionally. If you are a patient at our clinic, you will understand how lucky I feel to have walked into our beautiful clinic thousands of times to be greeted by the smiles and warm hellos of our staff.

Over the years, I have valued the opportunities to co-treat patients with many of the Laser therapists, Massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists, Pedologists, Doulas, Midwives and Dentists of Medicine Hat.  It has been a pleasure working with these knowledgable health care professionals with the goal of optimal health potential for our mutal patients.

Medicine Hat is a city to be proud of. I have loved becoming involved in this community. A community that is generous and kind, filled with individuals who are doing great things and changing lives. I love the drive, the ambition and goals, but I also cherish the slower pace, the familiar faces and feeling of inclusion. I treasure the time I took to explore our city, the experiences I had, and the friends I made. I love the excitement our city puts into events and how people show up with big support from sporting events to fundraisers. Being involved in Rotary, International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the Advisory Committee on Disability Issues has allowed me to grow personally and I have been honoured by the community through the Best of Medicine Hat, the Top 40 Under 40 and the Women in Business group.

It has been an honour to serve the community of Medicine Hat and the surrounding areas.

As I bid farewell in December I want to thank the Powers & Jans Centre, my patients and the community. It has been a great journey over the last 10+ years.