Medicine Hat Fitness Experts – Orange Theory

Orangetheory® Fitness is a one-hour, total body workout with proven results backed by science!

Orangetheory® has quickly become the fastest growing fitness workout in the world. It is no surprise to us that it has been recognized as the “best one-hour workout in the country” by the New York Times.   Furthermore, our corporate team features exercise physiologist, Dr. Joel French, who previously worked for the renowned Mayo Clinic.

We are a heart-rate based interval training program.  We train using five heart rate zones with the goal one day of achieving EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), or what we call the “Orange Effect”.  This is created by training in zones four and five for twelve or more minutes primarily during the cardio portion of the workout. By doing so, we boost your metabolism for up to 36 hours causing you to continue burning extra calories post workout.

What makes us unique, is that every workout template is created and tested by our template design team with extensive experience and education in health and fitness. The workout experienced on any given day is consistent across the globe which currently is over 1000 studios in 19 countries to date. We have a medical advisory board with a cardiologist, dietician and exercise physiologist.  There are benchmark workouts each month that are now tracked globally to allow our members to see their overall progress with Orangetheory® Fitness workouts.

We offer three types of workouts based on Endurance, Strength and Power or a combination of these.  Our state of the art treadmills are for cardio, the water rowers for power and the floor area for resistance and strength training using dumbbells, suspension training, BOSU’s, mini bands, medicine balls and ab dolly’s. Our studios feature top-of-line equipment, motivating music, mood lighting and professional coaches to take you through the best 60 minute workout in the world!