White Rock Auto Detailing Expert – Phase II Auto


What types of services does Phase II Auto Detailing provide?

We specialize in all types and levels of vehicle cleaning services. Our most popular package is the Silver package, which is a thorough interior cleaning with a courtesy wash, but we have a number of other packages available and will do other custom work as you require. Our power polishing service is very popular and will do wonders to spruce up your vehicle’s paint finish. We also offer vehicle protection packages, such as paint sealants and fabric and leather protection.

Can I wait while Phase II Auto Detailing is working on my vehicle?

Yes. We offer complimentary tea and light snacks. For smaller jobs we can have you in and out in less than two hours. For more complete detailing services however, you might want to arrange to leave your vehicle with us and pick it up later.

How long will Phase II Auto Detailing keep my car?

That will depend on what type of service you require. When doing a thorough interior detailing involving a shampoo, we will need the vehicle for most of the day. We need the time to clean the vehicle properly and have it thoroughly dry for you when you come to take it home. Lighter services, such as exterior wash, vacuum, wipe out and clean windows and dress tires can be done within an hour, but you should plan to have your vehicle with us for a minimum of two hours.