Red Deer Mobile Devices Expert – Shaun Wentzell

We hear the old saying all the time…”out with the old and in with the new”…and most times that’s correct. But what about older,  “new to you” cell phones and devices? With technologies race forward, and the huge prices that go along with that, why not get a great used or refurbished phone or device, and make it GREAT again?! There’s still so many used phones out there with a lot of life left in them, just waiting for a new home to go to.

And with the Holidays just around the corner, who can afford these crazy high prices for devices, when you may have family or friends you want to buy something for?! Why spend $1000 or more, when you might find the same thing or close to it, for half that or less?! So have some fun and keep your options open while you’re out shopping for a new device for you or someone you care about. Who knows, you might find just what you’re looking for…and more.