Medicine Hat Cleaning Services Expert – Laurelle Silvaniuk

Water and salt from snow and ice can be devastating to hardwood floors. Invest in a good drip tray for shoes and boots which can be placed in your entryway or any other entrance used like side doors and back porch doors. Take it one step further with a ‘no shoes policy’ in your home and encourage visitors to leave their footwear by the door.

An overflow of ornaments: After many Christmas’, it’s likely that your ornament collection has grown. Use this Christmas season to sort through the overflow and downsize your collection.

Start by sorting your ornaments as you put up your tree this year. Empty the boxes and bins onto the floor. Throw away any worn or broken ornaments, then pack-up any ornaments that are in good condition, but no longer add value to your life, and place them aside to be donated.  Once you’ve pared down, start decorating the tree with all the wonderful ornaments left over.

Choose larger ornaments or ones that are unique in shape to hang first. These will add more depth and take up more space on your tree, meaning fewer ornaments

will be required.