Medicine Hat Finances Expert – Tyler Davidson

Something that is overlooked too often with our finances is making sure there is alignment between your goal focused financial plan and your risk management plan. It’s one thing to have goals, save, invest and work hard to achieve them, but what about when something unexpected happens in life? I think one thing everyone can agree on is that life can throw a curveball every once in a while, and finances are usually affected. Having a proper analysis of your life, critical illness and disability insurance plan is as important as understanding if you’re on track to have enough savings for your future goals. There’s potential for something to happen that requires time off work, travel for medical treatment, renovations to living spaces, recovery time and so on. These not only represent a potential hard adjustment in life but can be quite costly. It’s important to know how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from these risks with a risk management plan that works for you in your current situation. Not only knowing how much and what types of coverage are appropriate but understanding that you can personalize your plan to meet any budget. You can create an asset with your coverage by securing either cash or premiums back at the end of the day if you don’t end up making a claim. This combined with term insurance for larger amounts of coverage and shorter durations will make sure the coverage need is met and your cash-flow is considered. Bottom line, not all insurance is the same and your risk management plan is as unique as your personal goals. If you haven’t looked at or understand your plan to cover off personal risk, consider requesting a no obligation analysis. We’re happy to help.