Medicine Hat Safety Expert – Rob Kirchner


Being prepared for work is a shared responsibility. Although Occupational Health and Safety mandates a number of processes, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the worker is fit and ready for work each day. This includes ensuring there is proper orientation, training, and record maintenance.

In 2016 (most recent stats), there were 144 fatality claims in Alberta, and more than one-third of these were from the construction and construction trade services. There were also over 100,000 injury claims, an average of 29 per day! These statistics are far too high, especially when training is affordable and accessible.

At Safety Connections, we pride ourselves on providing current, high-quality courses that meet industry standards. We invest in our instructors’ on-going professional development needs, and we are in continual contact with industry. Each week, we offer a range of training opportunities, from on-line courses that can be taken off-site to Standard First Aid, H2S, Fall Protection, Confined Space, Light Equipment, Defensive Driving, and other industry-related courses. Most have certification validation of 3 years, so training is never over until the worker leaves the workforce. Hopefully that is a result of retirement!

Not only do we offer courses in-house, but we can arrange training on-site for many of our offerings. A healthy, safe workforce is critical for not only the worker, but the general public. Why not register today for a course, whether it is for a job requirement or personal growth. View our courses and monthly offerings at