Grande Prairie Carpet Cleaning Expert – Alex Baquiran

At my place we had family over on Christmas day and several more friends stay as guests throughout the last month. That means we didn’t spend too much time prioritizing getting things clean. Once we settled down though we started to notice the odd stain in the carpet and the grainy feeling under our feet from dirt and sand being walked through the house.

  1. Get The Dustpan And Broom

With people comes grit and there will be a lot of loose debris all over the carpet and even in your hard floors. Before you vacuum get a dustpan and broom and manually clean up any excess. If you have synthetic carpets that aren’t shag rugs you’d be surprised how effective a dustpan and broom can be.

You’ll find bits of food, dirt, hair and all sort of stuff by spending 5 minutes doing this. The reason I like to do this is because things like hair are easy to go over with the vacuum cleaner and get more readily stuck to the carpet.

  1. Vacuum Thoroughly

Give everything a thorough vacuum with your vacuum cleaner of choice. In fact I like to give the carpets a going over twice after a busy time like Christmas. This will pick up any remaining grit left in the carpet. Along with cleaning up any grit the vacuum will give a bit of extra life and ‘puff’ to carpet which may have been worn down by foot traffic over the previous few weeks.

  1. Clean Any Stains

Parties and gatherings almost always result in a stain or two being left on the carpet. Clean any stains that may have been left by people or pets. To clean virtually any stain in the home all you need is bi-carb soda, water and vinegar. It will clean almost any stubborn stain in a perfect way.

That’s it! If you don’t have the time or the desire to clean your carpets yourself then consider getting in touch with us. Call Philsteam today! 780-978-0568