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For most people who enjoy fishing, the onset of the cold wave means that they have to hang up their fishing hooks. But this is not the case if you are an ice fishing enthusiast. The following are some practical tips to help out in the pursuit of this amazing activity.

Be prepared: If there is ice involved, the temperature is obviously going to be low. Make sure that to protect against the cold. Remember the important rule of never getting your limbs cold. Put on more than one pair of mittens and socks at a time to give extra insulation from the freezing cold.

Purchase and use some glove liners, to provide double protection for fingers. And during the fishing expedition, if you need to take off your gloves for some tricky maneuvering with the hook, the glove liners will still keep your fingers warm.

Time it properly: Fishing on the ice requires a lot of patience, especially when it is freezing cold. So, it would be useful if you could time your trips according to the activities of the fish. Fish movements are greatly determined by the lunar cycle and the climactic pattern of a certain place. if you want to be certain that the time you fish is going to be the most active time for the fish, do study and plan according to the moon and the weather.

Proper baits: To take ice fishing seriously, pre-tied gang hooks are a great idea. These are small hooks which are tied up together and display the bait as naturally as possible. These provide twice as much bait as an ordinary hook provides. A tiny barrel swivel of either size 10 or 12 connects it to the line. The swivel almost vanishes underwater and thus appears as natural as possible.

With the right timing and the right hooks, it is not at all difficult to be a pro at ice fishing. So use these tips and you should have a fun and fulfilling ice fishing adventure.

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